Bachelor Social Work

About the programme

The guiding principle of social work is to establish social justice in society. To do so requires providing general assistance in coping with life‘s challenges, through a service that is open to everyone as a fundamental aspect of welfare provision in a modern-day society. At the same time, effort must be devoted to preventing and removing social disadvantage and need.

Professional social work focuses on the needs of the individual. This means that the assistance given and measures taken by social institutions must be tailored in a flexible and integrated way to individuals and their respective situations. To this end, it is essential to study the particular living conditions and surroundings of the individuals involved.

The purpose of social work is to change and improve both: the behaviour of the individuals concerned and their living conditions and circumstances. This is achieved by offering education and training, advice, support, and assistance to groups and individuals, sometimes in the context of especially precarious living environments.

The aim of the programme is to provide students with the qualifications and professional skills necessary for employment in the various fields of social work. This involves the close link of practice and theory, to animate students to reflect on what they have learned in theory in light of their real-world experiences.

Bachelor Social Work - Flyer (PDF)

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Please note: Language of instruction is German!