Bachelor Nursing Studies

Your Motivation and Career Opportunities

The study course imparts insights from nursing theory and related sciences as well as technical, methodical, personal and social competences, enabling graduates to nurse and take care of healthy and ill individuals, families or groups of all ages and in various settings. You will be capable of fostering health, prevent or reduce risks to people’s health and to initiate and maintain a professional relationship with ill, handicapped or dying persons of all ages and regardless of their social environment.

This dual study course combines hands-on professional training in healthcare and nursing or healthcare and paediatric nursing with an undergraduate study course leading to the academic degree Bachelor of Science.

Job Areas
In addition to clinical expertise you will gather knowledge and skills for professionally advising, counselling and guiding patients, their family or aides, and for organising and controlling care processes. After graduation you will be able to independently and extend refi ne your skills in nursing and care by scientifi c means. You will represent care and nursing as a modern health discipline, and step-by-step you will make independent contributions for developing, deepening and widening nursing knowledge and the conscious and correct application of nursing sciences .

In addition, the study course will lay the foundation for scientifi c further qualifi cation in a Master’s degree course, either consecutive to the undergraduate course or at a later stage in life – for instance

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