Bachelor Childhood Education (age 0-12)

About the programme

Day-care facilities in urban and rural settings are invaluable for parents and serve as reliable partner organisations for schools, child and youth welfare services, and associated institutions. Supporting and safeguarding a child’s learning and development involves a range of complex duties and demands on employees. Meeting these demands requires specialist professional training that links methodological expertise with teaching and organisational skills and further develops competencies in relation to specific duties. In future, only teams that bring together professionals from a range of backgrounds will be able to fulfil these requirements.

In association with the Munich Vocational College, the Mühldorf District Vocational College, the Kempten Catholic Vocational College, and the Catholic Education Association (KEG), we have developed a full-time bachelor‘s programme that provides graduates with the professional qualifications and scientific background necessary for high standards in ECEC provision.

Bachelor Childhood Education age (0-12) - Flyer (PDF)

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Please note: Language of instruction is German!

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