IMPAECT Concluding Conference


- Intercultural Education by Means of Partners working with ECVET principles -

throws a spotlight onto early childhood education and care (ECEC). It deals with job requirements concerning intercultural education in early years to raise standards of education in day-care facilities. In IMPAECT a research based comparative approach towards intercultural education has been taken in the first year of the project. Based on this, a unit of learning outcomes has been designed for the education of future day-care personnel reaching from practical nurses to preschool teachers (BA).

A second issue of IMPAECT is to implement ECVET principles in parts of the education of future kindergarten staff. Besides the unit of learning outcomes, an on-the-job training for teachers and tutors has been designed. Furthermore, a toolbox for successful internships and full validation and recognition of students learning outcomes in the sending institution has been developed. Both, on-the-job training and toolbox have been tested and evaluated in the second year of the project.

These results are delivered by a partner consortium of 15 partners from five European countries. Partners are vocational institutes, day-care-centres, employers, colleges, universities and ministry institutes. Munich University of Applied Sciences is in charge of the international co-ordination of the project. The consortium is delighted to present IMPAECT results and share its experiences and expertise with scholars, students, experts, policy-makers, institutions and stakeholders interested in these topics. For these reasons Munich University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the project consortium launches the

IMPAECT Concluding Conference

May 22, 2012 at Campus Pasing (Munich)

under the title:

A European Approach to Intercultural Education and Inclusion in Vocational and Higher Education of Future Staff in Early Childhood Education and Care

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