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Logo Power Child Campus South Afrika "Sexual abuse destroys more than just the victims' childhood. It is a threat to their entire future."

Safe Home - Safe Family

In 2008 Power-Child e.V. established a South African public benefit organisation at the Mfuleni community, the POWER-CHILD CAMPUS TRUST.

The POWER-CHILD CAMPUS will provide different projects, which are aimed at social development through soccer, human safety and education. The qualified personnel provides a temporary safe haven for sexually abused children as well as a community based family strengthening programme which means that the whole family could be involved in the POWER-CHILD CAMPUS activities. According to these principles all programmes are focused on human rights, child abuse, HIV/Aids and responsibility in sexual behaviour, never without maintaining the real needs of the Community Mfuleni.

Our curriculum focuses on building basic life skills that help young people - boys and girls - to be self-conscious and self aware.

Power-Child will pioneer the use of football as a tool to prevent the abuse of children in South Africa and provides a support-network for abused children. Various lessons for grown-up people about child abuse and children's rights, love, partnership, HIV/Aids and perseverance will be held to cooperate with the community and providing further education.

The sessions of our qualified personnel are designed to work interactively within the classes in order to build a trustworthy relationship between the POWER-CHILD CAMPUS staff and especially the youth in Mfuleni.

1. Social development through football

The POWER-CHILD CAMPUS includes two football pitches which will be used to educate mainly boys, youth, men and of course also girls and women if they express interest. Sports creates a sense of community and common passion, while reducing pent-up aggressions and frustrations through physical activity.

In cooperation with Grassrootsoccer we trained various role models as education coaches to deliver our messages to the community. The role models are chosen from the community and they are trained to facilitate different games and activities, to develop their skills as peer educators and to plan various programmes in Mfuleni. This way of working enables the community, in the long term, to help itself as well as creating jobs and a better educational know-how.

2. Educational programmes

At the POWER-CHILD CAMPUS a lots of activities will take place in order to educate the community and also creating the feeling of Ubuntu. The educational programmes will also be focused on human rights, child abuse, HIV/Aids and sexual behaviour but we also appreciate the delivery of health skills, life skills and environmental knowledge.

3. A Safe House

A safe place where abused boys and girls will find protection. Here we teach the children, that the abuse is NOT their fault - even if they did not fight or complain at the time. NO-ONE has the right to hurt them! Children also need to know that they have a right to protection from harm and they should keep telling someone about the truth, who believes in them what they are telling.

At the Safe House in Mfuleni we do have beds available where we are able to host up to twelve children (6 boys and 6 girls) for a period of three months. During their stay they will get psychological support and they will stay with a safe house mum who will be around 24 hours a day. After their stay we will make sure that we can provide a safe opportunity for them.

Child abuse is a pressing issue throughout South Africa that continues to lead to the worsening of society and directly fuels many other problems such as crime, violence and HIV/Aids, by creating an effective child abuse programme that will serve many of South African most vulnerable children, we follow our mission of ´I have the right to say no`.

The POWER-CHILD CAMPUS will be funded exclusively by donations and sponsoring.

Power-Child Campus
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Cape Town
South Africa

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