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Prof. Dr. Stefan Pohlmann

Prof. Dr. Stefan Pohlmann
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Prof. Dr. Stefan Pohlmann, psychologist and PhD in cognitve science, wrote his interdisciplinary doctoral thesis about mental abilities in old age and worked as a research officer at the University of Münster where he investigated in the field of new technologies for the elderly.

Between 1994 and 1997 Pohlmann had a lectureship at the University of Hamburg and worked at different Nursing Schools. In this time he was scientific adviser of the North-Rhine Westphalia Consumers Centre and of the Service de Formation Socio-Familiale in Luxembourg.

From 1997 to 2000 he conducted as the secretary general of the responsible German Office at the Federal Board of Senior Citizens' Organisations the International Year of Older Persons. During this time he also coordinated multilateral aging projects and leaded the international negotiations with a wide scope of political and academic circles on the one hand and with different social associations on the other hand.

Since April 2000 he got the position as Director of the Liaison Office Ageing attached to the German Centre of Gerontology and funded by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Pohlmann was nominated by the German Government as a Consultant for general UN Ageing Issues and as a member of the German Delegation of the Commission for Social Development in New York. Furthermore he was actively involved in the expert work of the Economic Commission for Europe in Geneva. Since 2001, he served as a rapporteur in preparing the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing for the Second World Assembly on Ageing and its UN-European Regional Implementation Strategy at the Ministerial Conference on Ageing in Berlin 2002.

In 2003 Pohlmann was teaching gerontological issues as an assistant professor at the University of Frankfurt. One year furher he got a full professorship for Gerontology at the Munich University of Applied Sciences.

Prof. Pohlmann has served as an expert and policy advisor to various national commissions, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations and to voluntary and interest organizations. Main fields of Pohlmann’s scientic interests are the image of old age, intergenerational solidarity, international social policy, demographic change and social gerontology. Over the last years he has published a wide variety of books and articles about key questions of ageing and demografic challenges. Stefan Pohlmann is married and father of two sons.

Subject / focus

– Gerontology
– Developmental psychology
– Health sciences
– Research and counselling methods


  • Associate dean for academic affairs
  • Member, governing board of the School of Applied Social Sciences
  • Head, examination board for the on-line degree program BA in Social Work
  • Co-ordinator of all examination boards at the Department of Applied Social Sciences
  • Member, advisory council for continuing education and research at the University of Applied Sciences

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