Master of Social Management

Social developments and economic changes are confronting organizations in the socio-economic sector with a new scope of problems. The demands placed on management and executives is becoming more and more extensive and complex. Opportunities in career and professional development in the field of social economics and in the related fields of health, education, culture and the public sector are opening up for individuals with qualifications in the social sciences, social work and economics.


This program was introduced at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in 2004, and it is being offered as part of the European Joint Degree Program in Social Work and Social Economics (SOWOSEC) as of 2011. The Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at the Munich University of Applied Sciences is the body responsible for the Master’s degree program in Social Management.

The Master’s degree program covers a period of five semesters and is set up as a continuing studies program which combines distance learning and face-to-face classroom sessions. The courses as the learning material provided are in German.

The curriculum contents make it possible for students to pursue a cooperative program of work and study. This course is aimed at experienced professionals holding a university degree who wish to prepare and train themselves for either management and executive functions or at those individuals already pursuing a career in service organizations within the social economy.

Career opportunities – Learning objectives

The Master’s degree program

  • demands your interest in economic issues in the social sector and your willingness to provide essential input into shaping socio-economic organizations according to professional, economic and ethical standards.
  • qualifies you to manage planning tasks and processes, and to structure and manage organizations in the social sector.
  • enables you to do practical and activity-oriented experimental research and to participate in the resulting development of new concepts and methods ie. with a focus on increasing, evolving, more relevant economic and socio-political developments within a EU context.
  • allows you to strengthen your competitive edge and career opportunities on the European job market due to its European focus.

Our graduates have the opportunity
to take on executive and management positions

  • in service organizations within the social economy, in non-profit and profit sectors, in public organizations or
  • in independent social entrepreneurial activities as well

The successful completion of the Master’s degree program can also serve as a basis for further graduate studies (PhD).

Degree Program Head

Prof. Dr. Jutta Schröten
Room: KO 311

Tel.: 089 1265-2262
Fax: 089 1265-2330

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Prof. Dr. Gabriele Vierzigmann
Room: K 328

Tel.: 089 1265-2323
Fax: 089 1265-2330

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Daniel Karwinkel
Room: KO 210

Tel.: 089 1265-2329
Fax: 089 1265-2330

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Course Offerings

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